There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

1. What would you __________ if you won the lottery?
was doing

2. She wouldn't be nervous if she ________ her homework.
would do

3. If my grandfather ________ alive, he ________ 110 years old.
were / was
would be / were
was / will be
were / would be

4. If you printed on both sides, you ________ paper.
were saved
would save
would be save

5. We ________ football if the weather were good.
would be able to play
would were able to play
were able to play
will be able to play

6. If you ________ a bike you wouldn't cycle to school.
don't have
didn't have
not had
weren't have

7. The film ________ more interesting if it ________ a happy ending.
would be / has
were / would have
was / would have
would be / had

8. If my father ________ me a ticket, I ________ to the cinema.
didn't buy / wouldn't go
weren't buy / won't go
wouldn't buy / didn't go
wasn't buy / won't go

9. What would you do if you ________ invisible?
will become
would become
were become

10. If he ________ to ─░stanbul, he ________ the Blue Mosque.
would go / visited
went / would visit
were go / visited
went / were visited

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  1. If my grandfather ___were_____ alive, he __would be______ 110 years old.
    Grandfather... It should be WAS not WERE... right?

    1. Use of "were" is possible and recommended with all subjects in second conditional sentences.