There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

1. Tom: __________________
Adam: I think we are lost again.
What's the matter?
Why don't you buy a map?
Are they coming?
Why don't they take a bus?

2. Tom: I am going to buy a map of city.
Adam: I am not sure about that. I can't see any shops near here.
Tom: __________________
Adam: Yes, we can do that.
Yes, I think you are right.
I think there is one.
Are you sure?
How about asking that man?

3. Tom: __________________
Adam: That's a good idea!
Don't you have a mobile phone?
Why don't we find a bus or a taxi?
What do you suggest?
What do we need to do?

4. Adam: I am bored.
Tom: __________________
Adam: We can't do that. I don't have enough money for ticket.
Let's go to the cinema.
Why don't we watch TV?
How about playing computer games?
Why don't we play football?

5. Tom: How about playing computer games?
Adam: __________________
Tom: Why don't we play football?
Let's ask someone.
I am not sure about that.
That's a good idea!

6. Tom: I am really tired.
Adam: __________________
Tom: I have to finish my homework.
Why don't you go to bed early?
Drink some tea.
What did you do today?
Do you have much homework?

7. Adam: Let's play computer games.
Tom: __________________
Adam: Because it is raining outside.
Don't you go your home?
Brilliant! I like playing football.
Can we play outside?
Why don't we play football in the garden?

8. Adam: What is the matter Tom?
Tom: I think we are lost again. I can't find the museum on the map.
Adam: __________________
Let's ask someone.
Where are we going?
I don't like visiting museums.
We can't do that.

9. Adam: What is the matter Tom?
Tom: I am not feeling well.
Adam: __________________
Don't drink so much water. You will be ill.
Why don't you go home and rest?
Everybody got flu.
I hope it will be better.

10. Tom: My job is very stressful. I want to have less stress in my life.
Adam: __________________
Why don't you find a new job?
Be patient and do your work.
Be careful! Unemployed people are more stressed.
No, My job is more stressful than your job.

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Correct answers:

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