There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

  1. I When I _______ in, It _____________.
    came / was raining
    come / raining
    was coming / was raining
    was coming / rained

  2. Many years ago people ________________ on horseback.
    were travelled
    were travelling
    was travelling
    did travel

  3. I ___________ him while I ____________ home.
    meet / am going
    met / was went
    met / was going
    was meeting / went

  4. He ___________ to another school last year.
    was go
    did go

  5. They ___________ when the teacher came in.
    was shouting
    were shouting
    are shouting

  6. My neighbours ____________ loud music all night, so I _____________ much sleep.
    were playing / didn't get
    played / weren't get
    were played / got
    was playing / got

  7. He ________ the light and then he __________ to sleep.
    turned off / was going
    was turning off / went
    was turned off / was going
    turned off / went

  8. A car hit me while I ________________ the road.
    was crossing
    am crossing
    was crossed

  9. William Shakespeare __________ many plays.
    was wrote
    was write

  10. I ___________ and ___________ my arm while I ___________ up the stairs.
    was falling / broke / was running
    fell / was breaking / was running
    fell / broke / was running
    fell / broke / run

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