There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

  1. I will go to the cinema if I ____________ well in my English test.
    will do

  2. What ______________ if you don't do well in the test?
    will happen
    is happen

  3. If it _________ a comedy, I won't watch the film.
    won't / doesn't be
    isn't / won't be

  4. If you __________ carefully, you __________ have an accident.
    will drive / don't
    drive / aren't
    will drive / not
    drive / won't

  5. Choose the correct conditional sentence according to this sentence: "I must run faster or I will lose the race."
    If I must run faster, I will lose the race.
    If I run faster, I will lose the race.
    If I run faster, I will win the race.
    If I don't run faster, I will win the race.

  6. If I ________ clean the garage, my father ______ give me any money.
    don't / won't
    am / will
    won't / doesn't
    am not / isn't

  7. If your dad's old games __________ work on your new computer, what _______ you do?
    doesn't / will
    won't / do
    aren't / will
    don't / will

  8. My parents will help me if they ___________ too busy.
    won't be
    aren't be

  9. If Jenny is free tonight, I ______ ask her to come the cinema.
    will be

  10. If there _______ any milk in the fridge I ____________ and buy some.
    is / go
    be / will go
    isn't / will go
    isn't / don't go

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