There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

1. Tom: Hi Mike, ____________________?
Mike: No, Not at all, Why?
Tom: Would you like to come over tomorrow? I am going to watch movies at home.
Mike: That would be great.
Are you busy tomorrow
Are you free tonight
Do you have enough time
Do you like horror movies

2. David: Hi Alex, David is calling. Would you like to play computer games with me tomorrow?
Alex: ______________________________.
David: I am sorry to hear that.
It would be great
It sounds good but I am busy tonight
It seems great for you
I would love to but I hurt my arm yesterday.

3. Bruce: What are you doing tonight? Would you like to go out?
Tim: __________________________.
Sorry, but I am not busy tonight.
I'd like to, but my cousin is going to visit me.
Sure, What kind of movie is it?
Yes, I am, but I like going out.

4. Kevin: We have an important exam the next day. _________________?
Tim:That would be very nice.
Do you study enough
Are you ready for the exam?
Would you like to study together
Are you studying

5. Frank: ________________________?
Abby: Thank you for asking me, but I am afraid, I can't.
Do you like going to the concerts
Would you like to go to the shopping mall with me
Do you like sci-fi movies
What kind of movie would you like to watch

6. Bruce: ____________________ playing football on Saturday?
Tom: This is a great idea.
Would you like
How about
Why don't we

7. Adam: It is very boring to just sit and chit-chat.I want to do something fun.
Tom: __________ watch a comedy movie then.
Adam: That's better.
How about
What about
Shall we

8. Emma: Are you busy tomorrow evening? Would you like to come over for a drink?
Suzy: I'd love to, but ___________________.
that would be great
I will be there
what a delightful idea
maybe later

9. Ali: __________________ just sit and chit-chat?
Kevin:It is boring. We need to do something to be physically active.
Would you like
Do you want
Why don't we
How about

10. Tom: We are going to have a picnic on Saturday. Do you want to join us?
Adam: _________________, but I'm going to visit my grandparents.
I'd love to
Yes, I do
I am sorry
Not at all

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