There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

1. She _________ all over the world if she __________ rich.
would travel / would be
travelled / would be
would travel / were
travels / were be

2. If I _________his number, I _________ him.
had / would call
would have / called
would had / would call
have / called

3. If I _________you, I _________ that man.
were / helped
weren't / don't help
am / will help
were / would help

4. If we _________ a yacht, we _________ the seven seas.
had / would sail
have / would sailed
would have / sailed
had / sailed

5. If he _________ more time, he _________ karate.
will have / learns
had / would learn
has / would learn
was have / would learn

6. If they ________ their father, he ________ very angry.
would tell / was
told / would was
told / would be
were told / was

7. She ________ a year in the USA if it _________ easier to get a green card.
would spend / was
will spend / would be
spent / would be
would spend / be

8. We __________ you if we _________ how.
helped / would know
help / knew
would helped / knew
would help / knew

9. My brother _________ a sports car if he _________ the money.
bought / would have
would buy / had
would bought / have
bought / would had

10. If I _______ better, I ______ to the cinema with you.
would felt / went
felt / would went
felt / would go
would feel / went

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