Once upon a time there was a hardworking farmer. He had three sons. His sons were strong and healthy. But they were all lazy.

The farmer was thinking about his sons and the future of his farmland.

One day, the farmer got a flash of an idea. He called all his sons and said, "Dear boys! I have hidden a treasure in our farmland. You search and share the treasure among you."

The three sons were overjoyed. They went to the fields and started searching One of them started from one end. The other one searched from the other end. And the last one did so from the centre. They dug each and every inch of the field. But they could not find anything.

The farmer said to his sons, “Dear boys! Now you have tooled and conditioned the field, why not we sow a crop!" Off went the sons to sow the crops.

Days passed. Soon, the crops grew lushly green. The sons were delighted. The father said, "Sons, this is the real treasure I wanted you to share."

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