There are 10 questions in this test and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answer and learn your score after you finish the test.

1. Tom: Hi Adam. ________________
Adam: Not bad, thanks.
Tom: What did you do?
Adam: I watched a football match.
How was your weekend?
Where were you?
Did you watch the film?
Was your homework difficult?

2. Tom: When did you last go to a football match?
Tom: What did you see?
Adam: I saw Chelsea against Liverpool.
I have never gone to a football match.
I saw my friends last week.
Three weeks ago.
Not yet.

3. Adam: Why didn't you come to Jack's birthday party?
Tom: I couldn't come. It was my dad's birthday. _________________
Adam: Fantastic! I had a great time.
Were there many people?
How was it?
What about you?
How was Jack?

4. Adam: There were a big chocolate cake at Jack's birthday.
Tom: ________________
Adam: Yes, it was. It was delicious.
Did you eat any fruit?
Did you eat it?
Was it big?
Was it tasty?

5. Tom: _____________________?
Adam: No, there weren't. That's why I went home early.
Were there any interesting people at the party?
Did you enjoy the party?
When did you leave?
Was Julia there too?

6. Tom: ________________
Adam: She graduated from university in 2007.
What time does Julia graduate from university?
Where did Julia study?
When did Julia graduate from university?
Who graduated from university?

7. Adam: Where did you go at the weekend?
Tom: I went to my friends house. ________________.
Adam: I was at home.
Where are you?
What about you?
What happened to you?
Why did you come?

8. Tom: ________________
Adam: I don't know, maybe three weeks ago.
When did your parents get married?
Where did you go last week?
When did you last see a film?
How did you come to the party?

9. Adam: ________________
Tom: No. I forgot them at home.
Did you bring my books?
Where did you forget your books?
Where is your homework?
Did you forget to bring my books?

10. Adam: ________________
Tom: I think you are unlucky.I don't like memorizing vocabulary.
I have done my homework.
I have got a good memory.
I don't need to memorize the vocabulary because I know all of them.
The teacher gave us some vocabulary to memorize for homework.
Score =
Correct answers:
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