There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

1. Tom: Do you know David Lewis?
Adam: ______________________
Tom: He is very tall and he's got quite short, brown hair.
I recognize the name but I can't picture him. What does he look like?
Where is he from?
How old is he?
Yes, he is my best friend.

2. Adam: Do you know Emma Smith?
Tom: Emma Smith. Mmm. I recognize the name but I can't picture her. What does she look like?
Adam: She is quite tall and she's got long curly hair.
Tom: ____________________________ Does she usually wear a white T-shirt?
Adam: Yes, That's her.
Where is she from?
She is friend with Laura.
I know who you mean
I haven't seen her before

3. Tom: Do you know Brian Christopher?
Adam: I can't picture him. ____________________
Tom: He is quite short and he's got short straight hair. He is cheerful.
What does he like?
What does he look like?
How is he?
Where is he from?

4. Tom: Juliet asks a lot of questions in the class. Her teachers are fed up with her questions.
Adam: _________________________.
Tom: Yes, She is very curious.
Does she know English?
Is she helpful?
Does she like her teachers?
Is she curious?

5. Tom: Daniel is very ambitious.
Adam: How do you know?
Tom: _______________________
He wants to play football for his country.
He doesn't like studying.
He always plays truant.
He usually gets bed marks.

6. Adam: My parents don't give me enough pocket money.
Adam: No, they aren't. But they don't trust me I think.
Do they have enough money?
Are they a bit mean?
Did they know that your pocket money is not enough for you?
Do your parents work?

7. Tom: What is your brother like?
Adam: ________________________ He can't talk in front of people.
He is very generous.
He is very tall.
He likes eating hamburger.
He is incredibly shy.

8. Tom: Who is that girl over there?
Adam: __________________________
Tom: No, the girl with the blue jeans.
Adam: She is my cousin, Betty.
Which one? The girl with long hair?
She is wearing the blue jeans.
Do you know her?
Are they standing there?

9. Adam: The actor in this film is very good looking.
Tom: He is very talented too.
Adam: ___________________________
Tom: If so it is difficult to work with him.
He is very clever.
He needs a lot of luck.
But he's got a very big ego.
Everybody admires him.

10. Tom: Who is the guy with the long hair sitting near Linda?
Adam: That's Alex.
Tom: ________________________
Adam: How do you know?
Tom: He never laughs.
He is very confident.
He must be very serious.
I think he is very ambitious.
He is very sensitive, I think.

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