blow somebody away: to surprise or please someone very much. That movie will blow you away.

blow (something) out: If a flame blows out, or if you blow it out, it stops burning because you or the wind have blown it. Emma blew out the candle.

blow over: If a storm or an argument blows over, it ends. The force of the wind nearly blew me over.

blow up: START: If a storm or an argument blows up, it starts suddenly.  We were having lunch when the argument blew up.
blow up: BECOME ANGRY: informal to suddenly become very angry. My Dad blew up at me when I told him what had happened.

blow something up: to fill something with air. He blew up the balloon.

blow somebody / something up: to destroy something or kill someone with a bomb, or to be destroyed by a bomb Terrorists blew up an office building in the city.

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