Once, an Ant and a Fly were fighting over who was more important.

     The Fly said, “Ant! What do you think you are? How can you even think about comparing yourself to me? Look at me! You have to work hard but I pass my time with the rich and the learned. I fly into the temples and taste the offerings. I can sit on the King’s crown and kiss the Queen’s forehead. I do not work, yet have the best life!”

     The Ant replied, “Don’t be so proud! You are always hated when you enter the temples. You are driven away as soon as you sit on the King’s crown or the Queen’s forehead. You do not have anything left for the difficult times as you are lazy. In winters, you feed yourself on a pile of cow dung. Look at me! I work hard and gather a store of grain for the winter. Later on, when you shiver in the cold, I am safe and at peace in my cosy home. I am prepared to live in any season of the year.”
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