stick it out: informal to continue doing something that is boring, difficult, or unpleasant
stick to sth: to continue doing or using something and not change to anything else
stick together: If people stick together, they support and help each other.
stick up: to point up above a surface and not lie flat
stick up for sb / sth: to support someone or something when they are being criticized
stick with sb / sth: to continue using someone or doing something and not change to anyone or anything else
stick around: informal to stay somewhere for a period of time
stick at sth: to continue trying hard to do something difficult
stick by sb: to continue to support someone when they are having problems
stick out: COME OUT If part of something sticks out, it comes out further than the edge or surface.
stick out: NOTICEABLE to be very easy to notice
sth out: to make part of your body come forward from the rest of your body
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