run into sth: REACH A LEVEL If an amount runs into thousands, millions, etc, it reaches that level.

run off: informal to leave somewhere unexpectedly

run on sth: If a machine runs on a supply of power, it uses that power to work.

run out: USE to use all of something so that there is none left

run out: BE USED If a supply of something runs out, there is none left because it has all been used.

run sb / sth over: to hit someone or something with a vehicle and drive over them, injuring or killing them

run through sth: to repeat something in order to practise it or to make sure that it is correct

run sth up: If you run up a debt, you do things which cause you to owe a large amount of money.

run up against sth: If you run up against problems or difficulties, you begin to experience them.

run across sb: to meet someone you know when you are not expecting to

run after sb / st: to chase someone or something that is moving away from you

run around: to be very busy doing a lot of different things

run away: to secretly leave a place because you are unhappy there

run sth by sb: to tell someone about something so that they can give their opinion about it

run sb / sth down: informal to criticize someone or something, often unfairly

run for sth: to compete in an election

run into sb: to meet someone you know when you are not expecting to

run into sth: HIT to hit something while you are driving a vehicle

run into sth: PROBLEMS If you run into difficulties, you begin to experience them.
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