put sb down: to make someone feel stupid or unimportant by criticizing them
I am tired of him putting me down all the time.

sth out(mainly UK): to make a light stop shining by pressing a switch
Please put the light out when you leave.

put sth up: to fasten something to a wall or ceiling
I need to put up some curtains in the bedroom.

put sth off: to decide or arrange to do something at a later time
I can't put my visit off any longer.

put sb off: to make someone not like someone or something, or not want to do something
Could you be quiet please - I'm trying to concentrate and you're putting me off.

put up with sb/sth: to accept unpleasant behaviour or an unpleasant situation, although you don't like it
He is so rude, I don't know how you put up with him.

put sth on: to pretend to have particular feeling, or to behave in a way which is not real for you
He is not really upset, he's just putting it on.

put sth aside: to save something so that you can use it later
I've been putting  a bit of money aside every month.
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