cut across sth: AREA to go from one side of an area to the other instead of going round it

cut across sth: GROUP If a problem or subject cuts across different groups of people, all of those groups are affected by it or interested in it.

cut back: to reduce the amount of money being spent on something

cut sth down: to make a tree or other plant fall to the ground by cutting it near the bottom

cut down (sth): to eat or drink less of something, or to reduce the amount or number of something

cut sb off: to stop someone speaking by interrupting them or putting the telephone down

cut sb / sth off: PLACE to prevent people from reaching or leaving a place, or to separate them from other people

cut sb / sth off: STOP SUPPLY to stop providing something such as electricity or food supplies

cut sth out: SHAPE to remove something or form a shape by cutting, usually something made of paper or cloth

cut sth out: STOP EATING to stop eating or drinking something, usually to improve your health

cut out: If an engine, machine, or piece of equipment cuts out, it suddenly stops working.

cut sth / sb out: to not let someone share something or be included in something

cut sth up: to cut something into pieces
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