break away: ESCAPE to suddenly leave or escape from someone who is holding you

break away: LEAVE GROUP to stop being part of a group because you disagree with them

break down: MACHINE If a machine or vehicle breaks down, it stops working.

break down: COMMUNICATION If a system, relationship, or discussion breaks down, it fails because there is a problem or disagreement.

break down: CRY to become very upset and start crying

break sth down: to divide something into smaller, simpler parts

break in: to get into a building or car using force, usually to steal something

break sth in: to wear something new, usually shoes, for short periods of time to make them more comfortable

break into sth: USE FORCE to get into a building or car using force, usually to steal something

break sth off: to separate a part from a larger piece, or to become separate from something

break out: START If a fire, war, disease, etc breaks out, it starts suddenly.

break out: ESCAPE to escape from prison

break through sth: to force your way through something that is holding you back

break sth up:  to divide into many pieces, or to divide something into many pieces

break up: 
PEOPLE If people break up, they stop having a relationship or stop working together.

break up: SCHOOL UK When schools or colleges break up, the classes end and the holidays begin.

break into sth: START to suddenly start doing something

break off: to suddenly stop speaking or doing something
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