There are 10 questions in this quiz and each question has only one true answer. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test.

  1. If I ___________ time tonight, I will finish the novel that I am reading.
    will have
    am having

  2. If he calls me "lazy" again, I ________ help him when he is in trouble.

  3. If David ________ answer my phone this time I ________ call him again.
    won't / doesn't
    doesn't / won't
    won't / don't
    isn't / won't

  4. Choose the correct sentence.
    If you won't try harder, you will fail.
    You are late if you won't leave now.
    If the game is good I am playing it.
    If the sun shines I will go swimming.

  5. Put the words into the correct order. "If, her mother, exams, happy, be, Jane, passes, will, her,
    If her mother be happy Jane will passes her exams.
    If Jane will be happy her mother passes her exams.
    If Jane passes her exams, her mother will be happy.
    If Jane will passes her exams her mother are happy.

  6. If you eat to much junk food you ____________ fatter.
    will become
    are becoming

  7. I will stay in bad If I ________________ well tomorrow.
    won't feel
    don't feel
    not feel

  8. If you __________ by plane it ____________ 2 hours.
    are going / will take
    go / will take
    will go / take
    won't go / don't take

  9. What is wrong with this sentence? "My uncle will buy a car if he have enough money."
    "will buy" must be "buy"
    "have" must be "has"
    "have" must be "will have"
    "will buy" must be "buys"

  10. I will leave early ______________________.
    if I will finish my work
    if I am finish my work
    if I finish my work
    if I won't finish my work

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